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A Melhor Amiga da Barbie

Uma capa estragada e o Atlas Of Fashion Designers

26.01.11 | Ana Gomes

The idea behind the Altlas of Fashion Designers is to look beyond the traditional epicentres of Fashion – NY, London, Milan and Paris – and to expand the fashion horizon to a more international level. More and more designers from all over the world are showing at the four main fashion weeks, but also more and more cities are developing their own successful fashion weeks outside of the usual circus.

Sixty-nine designers, from thirty-two different countries and nationalities form a map in this book. They all have different cultures, aesthetics, they don’t share the same perspective on fashion, but they all contribute to demonstrating how heterogenous current fashion is.

The Atlas of Fashion Designers is an invaluable source of inspiration for any budding designer and a beautiful resource for fashion lovers. It features designers such as Bora Aksu, Viktor & Rolf, Ashish, Temperley London or Maison Martin Margiela to name but a few and it will certainly leave you feeling more knowledgeable.

Atlas of Fashion Designers by Laura Eceiza is published by Rockport

Com a capa estragada passou de 45€ para 17€ e veio comigo para casa.

not in the mood for hair

26.01.11 | Ana Gomes

Interessante o universo capilar. Porque nunca é demais aprender alguma coisa sobre cabelos.
(ou como eu acho que ver documentários óptimo para me inspirar no meu mood board sobre hairstyling .... )

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